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If You’ve Ever Wondered What Intercourse With DMX or John Mayer Is Similar To, Posses We Had Gotten The Reddit Thread For Your Family!

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s desire have intercourse with (insert label of popular person right here), there’s a Reddit thread run at this time which can be of great interest for your requirements. It asks, simply, “Former groupies, the thing that was their enjoy?” We waded through thread a picked completely several that i experienced had been the essential amusing/interesting. The best had been the entry about John Mayer, whom enjoys buttholes, evidently. Enjoy…

A lady we once had a regarding once again, down once more fling with had gender with Darius Rucker (hootie from hootie therefore the blowfish). She mentioned he was an incredible lay, a fantastic gentleman, and even performed to the lady each day while he produced the woman morning meal. On route out he thanked their for being a variety and mentioned she had an attractive house.

Pal of a roommate’s mom banged DMX. we have his wide variety from the lady cellphone but their answering maker message is only your barking for 30 seconds.

this girl within my college connected with founded goodness when he preformed at our 4/20 spring jam event thing so when she woke right up in his hotel room he had been lost, there seemed to be like 23 bucks and slightly bag of truly shitty grass because of the sleep. (more…)